In 2007, First Baptist made the exciting decision to purchase 80 acres of property on Bluecutt Road and begin the process of relocating our church campus. We immediately began work on a Master Plan and began a capital campaign to take the first step of building. The first phase of the project (the Ministry Activity Center, or MAC) was completed in 2011, adding to our facilities a gymnasium, general activity space, a larger fellowship hall, and a full-service kitchen. Since its completion, the MAC has greatly expanded our opportunities for ministry, and God blessed us with the finances to completely pay for it in December of 2012.
We now believe God is leading us to take the second step in the process. We’ve been prayerfully planning toward the second phase of building, and have developed a design that includes the necessary educational, worship space and parking for us to relocate more ministry to the new campus. This step will be both thrilling and challenging! God has given evident leadership throughout this process, and we are more convinced than ever that He has opened a door for us to strengthen our church’s ministry for generations to come. Our prayer is that we might walk by faith as we follow God through these miraculous days.
• 18,000 square feet
• Assembly Areas for Children
• Enhanced Building Security
• Additional Parking
• Playground Area