The Ultimate Terrorist

Unfortunately, terrorism has become the norm in our world. Thirty years ago we Americans likely couldn’t call any terrorist by name, but now we recognize a handful of names that are flashed across the news on a regular basis. The ultimate terrorist is none other than the devil himself. In John 10.10 Jesus ominously declared that the thief (Satan) has come “to steal, to kill, and to destroy.”

I’m convinced that most people underestimate the vicious nature of Satan. He is utterly ruthless in his work. First, he’s a thief who conspires to steal our reputation and our joy. He’s shrewd enough to know that doing so will neutralize our impact as Jesus’ disciples.

He’s not satisfied with stealing from us, though. He also wants to kill us. Really! His desire is to take us out! He’s actually killing people every day around the world as 2.5 million people die each year from drug and alcohol related deaths, and a million people die annually from suicide. The truth is that Satan doesn’t have the authority to kill anyone – remember when God gave Satan authority to wreak havoc on Job but he restricted him from taking Job’s life. He can’t actually kill anyone without permission, so he manipulates us to engage in self-destructive behavior so that we actually do his bidding ourselves.

Finally, he’s not satisfied with just killing us. He wants to destroy us in hell itself! He knows hell is his ultimate destiny, and he wants to pull as many people in with him as he can.

Once again, Satan is a vicious, murderous, self-centered thief.

The good news is that as ruthless and intimidating as Satan may seem, Christ has absolutely defeated him. Our Lord disarmed the devil through the cross and the resurrection, rendering him like a rattlesnake with no fangs.

Therefore, we don’t need to walk in fear for we know that greater is he who is in us than he who is in the world!