Who’s Finding Who

On a given occasion a four year old girl was lost in the mountains of Tennessee and her parents frantically looked for her. They reported her missing and an all-out search ensued to find the little girl as quickly as possible. As daylight faded into dark and the stars settled into the sky, they feverishly searched every square inch of the area. Meanwhile, the little girl found a soft spot under a tree and fell asleep with her stuffed bear in hand. As the sun rose the next morning, her father rounded a bend after searching all night and found the little girl just awaking. When she saw her father, she ran and jumped in his arms and declared, “oh good, Daddy, I found you!”

Well, the truth is that little girl didn’t find her father at all. He found her! While she was lost and asleep and mostly oblivious to the danger at hand, he’d been working intently to find her. In much the same way, while humanity was lost and asleep and mostly oblivious to the danger all around, our Father leveraged every resource necessary to save us. He even sent His own Son to make the rescue.

Believe it or not, some of us have the audacity to think that we find God, but the truth is God’s the one who came looking for us. He sent His Son to rescue us in our lost and helpless condition. In Luke 19.10 Jesus said, “I have come to seek and to save what was lost.” Furthermore, He deployed the Holy Spirit to lead us to the Light of the Son. When we awaken, it may seem like we found God, but He really did all the work.

This is the gospel! This is God’s love! This is our hope! This is the Christmas story!